Fear Of Judgement

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Before submitting your work just kind of talk through it with your close circle you know what they think about if you read about some of these ideas topics because some of them you know there’s there’s a whole spectrum of what you can write about and for people who especially if dealt with specific hardships it can be really really difficult to extract those details and to share them with somebody you don’t know who’s going to be judging you for her various reasons so we know we understand that so you know talk through it with other people you know I I guess we just we’ve said it time and time again but don’t be afraid to talk about these things at the same time some people choose to use that maybe this is going on just be careful about what you’re writing as well.

Because there are the readers always come with a different set of you know they come from a totally different context in a background so if your your language or your estimating is really opinionated or very inflammatory in any sort of way that can come off in the wrong way and just kind of rub the reader the NAM way so that’s why it’s always important also to have other people read your drafts and not to fall in love with your first draft things you hear about essay writing but yeah I don’t I think that I mean I said this earlier odd but I think that we talk a lot about hardship and obstacles and sort of overcoming things and exhibiting you know the resilience that you just demonstrated in different parts you’re like that’s amazing if you can share those experiences but also don’t feel pressed to make that the focal point if you don’t feel like that’s genuinely what you want to talk about then actually one of the questions that came up here was kind of similar to that like what should i if I don’t have the obstacle do i what do I focus on do I focus on something that maybe could be perceived as an obstacle or who I focus on my accomplishments.

That’s kind of two or three of these questions that are together so what advice do we have to give students who maybe don’t have big obstacles that they want to talk about our hardships I I think don’t make them up and don’t make you know don’t don’t create something and say oh this was such a hard time of my life if it really wasn’t and you’re just sort of me as a creative writing creative writing essay and I would say definitely show your accomplishments at that point then shift gears and kind of go away from that yeah they’re like very difficult to dissect without like knowing exactly what we’re talking about in a way I mean there are students who obviously have gone through you know their their parents have were very ill and it was very traumatic and of course that’s something that they should talk about interesting in other instances.