Dragonquest Part 4

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The pace of the story was relaxed and steady and timed in such a way that the climatic events occur right on cue, with very little advanced knowledge to allow you to guess in advance what was going to happen. This novel was written the way a novel is supposed to be written.

This novel, although book two in the Dragonriders of Pern series, is well worth whatever you may pay for it, and it requires none of the other books to make it complete. It’s definitely a “Great Read’ and we highly recommend picking it up and giving it a try – even if you don’t like Fantasy books, this one just ‘feels’ right…

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The story moves along at a steady and regular pace keeping the events flowing smoothly. This allows you very little time to pause and take a break before the next bit of drama hits the page.

The author gives you enough details about the characters and introduces more as it is required, but doesn’t layer on the minutia. This allows the reader to become comfortable with the character and brings him or her to life in their mind.

The background of the world of Pern is presented in retrospect, again, only giving what is needed to move the story forward, but in enough detail to allow you to see more than just the immediate picture that the author is trying to paint.

The entire novel is well-edited and it feels like it was written with the reader in mind. It is easy to follow the movements of the characters and even the Dragons themselves have come to life in the pages of this book.


The scene where T’ron attacks F’lar is probably the weakest scene in the book. However, it also happens to be a pivotal one. At times during the fight, it was a bit unclear which fighter was doing what, in fact it seemed like F’lar had wounded T’ron at the first read, then after reading it again, and it was easier to tell who did what to the other.

The mini-dragons that were discovered on the south beach; if they were a creature of legend, then why hadn’t they been found before… especially since there was an established settlement right on a beach. And since the mini-dragons lay their eggs on beaches…

When Jaxom and Felessan are in the hatchery, it is unclear whether Jaxom was touching the golden queen egg or a different one since both were said to be away from the group. This is not a trivial point as the egg he touches turns out to be very important later on in the story.