Dragonquest Part 3

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But they also are forcing their constituents to pay ever-stiffening tithes for that protection and offer ‘gifts of gratitude’ upon demand.

As dissention grows among the common folk and craftsmen, the Weyrs become isolated so much that they don’t even bother to warn each other when one of them falls under attack by Thread.

With the isolation comes the jealousy and with that comes the eventual attack on F’lar by one of the Oldtimers named T’ron who doesn’t want things to change. During the fight a message arrives decrying that Threadfall is occurring and help is needed to fight off the attack. The only way to get there in a hurry is by flying ‘between’ to the site. F’lar is wounded in the fight with him and he’s taken a severe wound in the abdomen. The problem comes in that if you fly ‘between’ while wounded, you risk becoming sick from the effects of the journey.

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Ignoring the risk to himself, he joins the battle, leading the Dragonriders once again to the rescue. Once they have the successful repulsion of the Threadfall, he takes seriously ill and begins to lose his ability to actively participate in daily operations of the Weyrs. As he gets sicker, control of the various factions weakens and the Threadfall continues.

Out of the myths and legends comes the ancestors of the Weyr Dragons that can fly and seem to make great pets. Everyone wants one, and another problem comes up due to too few of the mini-dragons.

F’lar knows things need to change, and it has to happen soon. Perhaps the Threads can be defeated at their source.


Many times, when we get a novel on our review desk and it is a sequel or in the middle of a series, the novel draws heavily on the knowledge that the reader has already read the previous installment, and takes several liberties with assuming the reader is familiar with the background. In this case, the author does not make that assumption in our opinion as this novel stands very well on its own.

The author refers to things that have happened in the previous novel by referring to it in enough detail that you don’t feel like you need to get the previous book to clear things up. She chooses to give the background information in small doses, just enough, at just the right time to keep the story flowing smoothly.

The character detail is wonderfully done, and the interactions between the Dragons and their riders, seem utterly believable and plausible. I almost believe in Dragons after reading the book!