Dragonquest Part 2

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The early settlers had destroyed their only means of transport to the stars and breed a native species of Dragon to immense proportions to help them fight the Thread when it came raining down from the heavens. Unable to prevent the Thread from killing everything it touches, the settlers moved to the barren cliffs, and built caves and lived there to prevent the Thread from the ground from being able to get at them. Thread cannot move through stone.

As the selective breeding of the Dragons improved, the Dragons became large enough to ride and train, but they were also found to be telepathic – allowing their riders to communicate efficiently with them. For hundreds of turns since then, it has been the responsibility of the Dragonriders housed in the Weyrs located throughout the populated regions of Pern to protect and defend them against Threadfall.

The Thread planet orbits their sun in an irregular orbit that brings it in close at predictable intervals. At those times, when the red planet is near, Thread begins falling from the skies like a plague to devour and destroy all life on Pern. The Threads fall from the sky, devouring and scorching all living animal and plant life that comes in contact with it. That is what the people of Pern call Threadfall.

Benden Weyr is controlled by Weyrleader F’ler and his Weyrmate Lessa. They are in charge of all the Dragonriders based in their Weyr and the protection of all holds and people living in their Weyr’s region. In each Weyr, the people and craftsmen are responsible for supporting the Dragons and their riders since the Weyr itself is situated within barren rock cliffs and have no means of supporting themselves. As has been the tradition for hundreds of turns (Pern years), in return for their support, the Dragonriders protect them from the Thread scourge and direct any required fighting on the ground when Thread makes it all the way down and burrows into attack the lands.

The Threadfall has been regular and predictable for many turns and now it has begun to fall from the skies unexpectedly and not at its scheduled times, or at the locations, it should base on its past patterns.

Seven turns ago, Lessa travelled back in time to bring five dragons and their riders to the present in order to teach the modern Dragonriders how to fight the Thread. Each of the Oldtimers have become Weyrleaders as they teach Thread fighting methods and they all control their own Weyrs and the regions they protect.