Be Confident About Your ideas

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A good scientific way of doing things completely wrong here’s what you should do have the idea like the paper do the research right so what you do is you have a you have an idea you start writing a paper bad you probably do a little bit to put them in work and as you start to write the paper you discover that oh you know you can’t write section three because you haven’t done that proof or you haven’t built that system there’s a there’s a it used the paper as a kind of forcing function to tell you what you need to study next the world is full of people who’ve spent a year sort of goofing around in some kind of space generally doing stuff and then they’ve got to two weeks before the conference deadline they start writing the paper and they discover there’s some major piece that is important for the paper but it’s not done right so use the paper as a forcing function another way which it’s a very good forcing function is that. Learn more about idea presentation on Edusson.

As you write the paper it will become clearer to you what you do not understand as you write the paper it will become clearer to you what you don’t yet understand this happens to me all the time I start to write the paper and it sort of forces me to crystallize in actual words the idea that I’ve been kind of vaguely thinking about I thought I understood it but when it actually nailing down the details I can’t quite say oh it just seems to get complicated after keep putting in qualifications or caveats right so just writing is a really good way of finding out whether you know what you’re talking about yes oh well so so so I I collaborate furiously with lots of people like so for I CFP that can’t look at the Howell Haskell symposium which I lasted mates do has involved in four different submissions right but that’s because it’s a major conference that’s in my area and I was collaborating with four different groups of people all of whom want to delight babe I wouldn’t do for single authored papers one probably just one yeah.

That’s a little unusual but depends how much you collaborate and I wasn’t the primary author on any of those right so if you’re the you can’t really be the prime rule for more than one paper at a time right in one moment okay now I want to go just say a little bit about this idea thing that you start with right so I get so one-one fallacies you’ve got to do all the work and then like the paper don’t do that use the paper as a forcing function the second thing is that you must have a good idea right you think ah everyone else seems to have good ideas I read their papers their ideas are amazing and I I am a mere worm I only have measly weedy little ideas that nobody would want to hear about.